矢崎オリジナル F2 マシン
エンジン:SUZUKI GSXR1100 油冷

画像は、1990 夏の鈴鹿ルーツ ザ レース。 鈴鹿8時間耐久ウイーク前座レース。








The machine which made the history of the Japanese racing sidecar. 
The machine, the Yazaki original F2 machine form YZF which made the history of the Japanese racing sidecar. 
Tube frame
Engine: SUZUKI GSXR1100 oil quenching.
Tire: Dunlop 
A picture is the Suzuka "Root The Race"of 1990 summer. 
Suzuka 8-hour durable week opening performance race. 

Mr. Yazaki who is a maker and driver, and the run picture by Passenger Ozeki(me). 
The place which runs up the SUZUKA East-couse Dunlop bridge. 
A cornering without the grounding condition of a side vehicle tire is good. 
At this time, it is a combination with first Mr. Yazaki. 
I remember that there was the request and it participated in the time of having come to help a sidecar race from the race of two flowers recently exactly since Mr. Yazaki's passenger was not exactly in Suzuka. 
the look which sees the run direction -- for the first time -- being also alike -- one sheet which the composition of it not having been concerned but being settled as a beautiful picture is good, and is making commemoration. 
This time and Mr. Yazaki gained the annual champion, and my first passenger this Suzuka or to construct also led them to the championship in the second half of 40 years old. 
As Mr. Yazaki's technique, while the front turned to the inn side and carried out the inertia drift by three flowers mostly, the cornering of Suzuka 1 and the two corners was carried out. 
It was a technique which controls the sidecar characteristic skillfully, and the physical characteristic that it is in memory. 
Since the rear tire had obtained traction firmly, there was no uneasiness as why or a passenger. 
A picture is the form united by Naka of little run by Naka of such an action. 
a straight line [ the axis line of the head and the body / a rear tire ] -- it is. 
Although the feeling which he does not forget is a certain thing anyone, the feeling at this time remains also Naka who passed for 20 years. 
As for such a thing to this picture, why, a good angle, revolution nature, a position, and a phenomenon are the pictures caught well. 
It has always decorated before my desk. 

Although there is no player who can express this run by this machine any longer, do we have to tell the feeling of speed when a passenger considers a driver although the sidecar at this time is run well, and it agrees in it, and revolution nature?