With the new update of iOS 7 and the week that have taken everyone to try in more detail each of its features have emerged divided opinions about its operation. Aesthetically you will never give pleasure to everyone because It has to do directly with the appreciation that everyone has what is aesthetic.
Regardless, and in summary, here is a list of iOS 7 benefits and disadvantages that we have found in this renovated Apple ecosystem.
Benefits :

1. With the new toolbar is now much easier to control the screen brightness, enable or disable Wi-Fi when you get home or even use flash your phone like flashlight, without having to download ios 7 wallpapers original third applications. Definitely one of the characteristics that make it more fluently can navigate without relying home button and menu settings.
2. Close applications is now much easier, although multitasking platform already existed in iOS 6, now not only shows you the icon open applications, but also to a preview of what you were working on them. And to close one, Forget letting down the application icon, now simply drag upwards.
3. Siri is smarter now, now you can ask also search specific topics will also throw imaging results and requested to seek things on Twitter.
4. The folders are no longer limited to applications, so you can group all your apps or photography play in one place and not have to fill your screen with endless folders and screens.
5. Now the viewer is much better organized, so if you are a person who use the iPhone to take pictures, not only party, but also on holiday and business trips you can organize your images more easily. Each block is called "time" collection (per colony) and up to a year, also shows you the place where they were taken (by colony or country) as well as an option to share photos of each "moment" or selecting only some of each block. 
6. Stop listening everywhere tone Marimba, now we have a large portfolio of new tones for messages, calls, alerts, etc. For the nostalgic and for those who always oppose the changes, traditional Apple stock wallpapers colors continue exist in a folder called classics.
7. Now you can check in detail what time was each SMS message sent, remember that above only the time you started a conversation showed, but when each of the text of the conversation was hidden.

1. iTunes Radio proved to be a good way to discover new music for free, and a good bridge to continue taking users to iTunes to buy music legally. Unfortunately until today, this feature is still not available for Mexico, so if you want to use it, it is necessary that you have an Apple ID United States.
2. Very interesting new 3D effect added to the home screen, with which you can see how icons are moved while moving your gadget. Unfortunately, this and other new features make itself if the iPhone battery will last little, now lasts less, so you have two options: either turn off or you get a portable battery.
3. The issue of security has come under heavy criticism since a few days of being released, and there were people who had found a way to access some applications bypassing the PIN lock. It is clear that we are talking about a security breach, it is not a negative feature as such platform, and surely such weaknesses will be fixed in future updates, however, it continues to be a situation that deducts points to the robustness of the system.
4. To place a posting on Twitter or Facebook, you need to enter the main application, unlike iOS 6 where we had the opportunity to share content with only lower the center of notifications.
5. The amendment brought the redesign of several applications meant sacrificing some features during processing, a clear example of this is the native Notes application in which you used to customize the font you want to appear on your screen. Now just what you see is what you get.
6. Just as the taskbar at the top of the advantages, can also become a disadvantage when using certain applications (mostly games) because when sliding your finger from the bottom up, even so accidental, the menu drops down and could become very annoying and intrusive. 
7. AirDrop has been a great tool to share content with devices that are around you, so no more share photos via email or through WhatsApp, unfortunately this feature is limited only to the iPhone 5 devices, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, so if you have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s, you can still upgrade the operating system to iOS 7, but will not have access to this feature.