(1) Million of people went to the festival last year.
→ Millions

(2) I have two thousands five hundreds yen in my wallet.
→ thousand, hundred

(3) My father began to study English only when he was in the 60s.
→ his sixties

(4) Picasso is generally regarded as one of the greatest artists of 20th century.
→ the 20th century

(5) It is estimated that about two-third of the world's population will live in cities within the next 35 years.
→ two-thirds of

(1) 私が生まれた年は第2次世界大戦の1年前です。
① I was born one year before World War Ⅱ broke out.

② World War Ⅱ started a year after I was born.

(2) 「源氏物語」は、1920年代に英語に翻訳されて以来、多くの国々で読まれてきた。
① The Tale of Genji has been read in many countries since its first translation into English  in the 1920s.

② People in many countries have been reading the Tale of Genji since it was first translated into English in the 1920's.

(3) 60代後半の夫婦と思われる2人連れがバスに乗ってきた。
① A couple, who seemed to be husband and wife in their late sixties, got on the bus.

② An elderly couple who seemed to be married and in their late sixties got on the bus.

(4) 日本の国土の3分の2以上は山林である。
① Two-thirds of Japan's land is mountain and forests.

② Two-thirds of Japan's land is covered with forests.

(5) 1980年代後半から若者の科学技術離れが進んでいる。
① The number of young people who are interested in science and technology has been decreasing since the late 1980s.

② More and more young people have been reluctant to study science and technology since the late 1980s.


(1) 最近の台風で、この地方のリンゴは約5分の3がひどい被害を受けた。
① The typhoon the other day seriously damaged about three-fifths of the apple crop in this area.

② The recent tyhoon seriously damaged about three-fifths of this area's apple crop.

(2) 二十四時間は、あっという間だ。特に睡眠が三分の一近くあるわけで、実質はもっと短い。
① Twenty-four hours is very short.  It is, in fact, even shorter especially because you spend nearly one-third of it sleeping.

② Twenty-four hours seems to go by very fast.  This is, in fact, the case especially because you spend nearly one-third of it sleeping.

(3) 新聞によれば、そのウエブサイトは昨年末には10億人以上、つまり世界人口の約7分の1の利用者を有していた。
① According to the newspaper,  more than a billion people, in order words about one-seventh of the world's population, had visited that website by the end of last year.

② The newspaper says that by the end of last year, that website was used by one billion or more people.  This means that it was used by about one out of seven people in the world.

(4) 三十代の初めに、それまで勤めていた出版社を辞めてアメリカに行き、小学校で日本文化を教えるインターン教師をしていたことがある。
① In my early thirties, I quitted the pubulishing company that I had been working for and went to the U.S., where I wroked as an intern teacher at an elementary school, teaching about Japanese culture.

② When I was in my early thirties, I left my job at the publisher where I had worked until then.  After that, I went to the U.S. and started to give lectures on Japanese culture as an elementary school trainee teacher.

(4) 通信技術が発展し、今では世界中の様々な地域に住む何百万人もの人々に同時に情報を発信することが可能になった。
① Advances in telecommunications technology have made it possible for us to send out information simultaneously to millions of people who live in different parts of the world.

② Because of advance in telecommunications technology, we can now share our messages with millions of people living in various parts of the world.