Maru [29 Nov 2005]

Is everyone doing fine?
I went to my former senior’s birthday celebration.
Because we have not met up for some time, I am very happy!

With this feeling, this is Maru who can’t decide whether to enter the ramen shop in front of me.
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Seika [28 Nov 2005]

This is Seika. Recently, everyday is very happy. I like the new songs which the members made. I play my drums, twining in with shun chan's* bass, then tsupion's* guitar and maru's voice. Wow! I am happiest when it is time the four of us produce music together. Although there are errors in various tries, there is new discovery. For the drum set, although a simple set was used for recording, it becomes easy when it is simple. I used to dislike life in the studio, but now I became to like it!

*shun chan refers to Shunsuke
tsupion refers to Tsukasa

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Tsukasa [28 Nov 2005]

By chance, have you seen the new SONY music on tv?
Although it is from the commercial, the color is good!
I don’t know about the specifications but the color is good!
The purple coordination is (laugh)
Things like GB, what is it? I like the color but the capacity is little.
Please give me more information!

See you.

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Shunsuke [28 Nov 2005]

Thank you, this is Shunsuke.

Hmm, I felt that recently, I had been arrested by the police often (laugh)
Although it is said of being caught, I wonder if a girl will also feel the same.But when the police becomes persistent in questioning, I become really angry.I don't have anything with me! Do I look so strange? (laugh) Before this, while travelling in the car, only the car that I was driving was stopped and every corner of the car was examined. (laugh) They said "Un~ everything is fine..please take care while driving!" and I replied "Mr Policeman work hard too!" and the whole investigation ended.

But after this incident, the next day there is another (laugh)

An evening in Shibuya. I was smoking near the moai statue. Then, three policemen came and surrounded me. They said "Sorry brother~" and started touching my pants.
"Wait wait!" It feels weird to be touched at the bottom by three guys (laugh)
"Stop it! Why are you touching!". I lost my temper. It is normal to be losing temper.

"Oh no, recently there are increase in people carrying drugs or dangerous items like knifes." they replied as they checked my wallet and pockets. (laugh)
"Oi, be faster! I did not carry anything with me!!" but it was a 3 against 1 situation.
Around me, there were many onlookers. Some of them were laughing. Oi oi, am I a monkey in the zoo? Is is really so interesting? This is in the middle of Shibuya.

The ending is "Un. Everything is fine". It is not fine at all! (laugh) Moreover they said "You are an adult, stop making all these noise" (laugh) I was amazed and speechless. Anyone will lose temper when touched as if by a pervert!Although it is for public safety, this is too much!Moreover, I am just a normal and kind (?) citizen.

Am I really so doubtful? (laugh) I am a guy so it is alright, but if it happens to a lady,it would definitely be harassment! Angry power is completely open! (laugh)

So this is how I feel. See you (laugh)
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Maru [25 Nov 2005]

It's been a long time.
Looking forward to the sample PV of start?
Although anxious of the continuation of PV...
I shall write until here (laugh)

See you~

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Seika [24 Nov 2005]

This is Seika. I went to the mountain.I reached the mountain top of Horai Terayama. The view was superb. My mind feels purified. I forgot all the things which I disliked. I like mountains. As I go step by step, up the stairs of 1425 steps, I thought about many things. My mind is sharpened. Nature is good.

This flight of stairs has been stepped on by Takada Shingen, because I like history, I start to feel proud. There were various feelings, I had seen various things such as traces of battlefied, memorial grave of the soldiers and generals, etc. The air feels different. Here, what you have given a thought to, has it been achieved in the end? Various thoughts were given. What am I, thinking of it oppositely. I went to the information centre of 長篠 but I was the only vistor. Because it was a weekday. I like such quiet places. This time I went on the trip alone, I experienced the history. I gained many things from myself. I found what has been influencing my soul. See you on 2/4~5.

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Shunsuke [23 Nov 2005]

Congratulations! bojorenuvo is released (laugh)

The sampling of the promotional video has started.Although now it is already amusing, there is more to come. There are special guests who guest-starred in the video, the members are confused,the things of middle age detective!!...want to see (laugh). It is really extra stupid (laugh). Whenever there is chance.

It has became more cold~. Because I am working hard not to catch a cold, everyone work hard as well (laugh). See you.
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Tsukasa [17 Nov 2005]

Yesterday, there were smoke coming out from my amp.
I was very surprised (laugh)

See you.

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Shunsuke [14 Nov 2005]

Recently~. There is increase in good looking actors (laugh). For example actosrs like オダギリジョー(Odagirijyoo). ..Why is it in katakana? Look at「あしたのジョー」(ashita no jyoo) (laugh). In the new Taiga drama, he acted as 斎藤一, I remember the acting skills were touching. But オダギリジョ was more suitable, I want you to act as 岡田以蔵! Then, it suits more.
Ah, オダキリジョー is born in Okayama. Do you know? (laugh)

And, my favourite actor is a character in 「速水もこみち」(hayamizu mokomichi) I like that it is hot. Although brother beat is mentioned,it is the younger son whom the brother is harsh on.玉鉄 is also good elder son but, still, the younger son.

This is a harsh entry.

Next time, I think I will write like Japanese politicians. (laugh)

With this feeling.

**Note: I am very confused by this entry.
I've tried my best to translate (´−`;)**

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Tsukasa [10 Nov 2005]

Recently, I have been walking randomly.

Previously I write songs with guitar but recently, with the unknown scenery and unknown land, as I walk the tune floats.

When it becomes cold, the air becomes clear and the feeling is good. I could see stars after a long time.

See you.

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