It is said that the homeopathic therapy established in Germany in the 19th century is a supplement attracting attention as hay fever measures.

I do not give an ingredient holding a cause of hay fever in check directly.

It is a cure to measure the improvement of the immunity function with healing power of nature that raise by just only giving a thing producing a cause among ingredients.

Because it is Western traditional traditional medical care, it is good and sees the homeopathic specialized drugstore in the United States and the U.K.

Old acquaintance is thin in Japan, but there seems to be still the product which adopted this homeopathic theory in the hay fever supplement a lot.

It is adrenalin for Saji rose, nose jamming for a red onion, a reddish tinge and the sneezing of eyes for inflammation and the sneezing of the mucous membrane.

A homeopathic ingredient seems to have various things.

It is a supplement relieving a symptom by the improvement of the function of immunity.

As for what is sold, there seems to be not only the hay fever use but also the supplement for allergies to indoor allergic business and pet.

It is the place where it uses homeopathic treatment for to have increased in the domestic supplement and medical institution recently.

Because this method is a thing using the healing power that a person originally has, the effect may be thin when the healing power of the person declines.

The effect that does not become sleepy is slow, and a supplement has a merit such as there not being a side effect even if I take it in like a medicine for hay fever.

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