How Hong Kong proves a dynamic sporting venue with the planet

  Hong Kong is frequently found for a metropolitan city, harbour-fronted commercial port and international economical centre, full of luxurious outlets, hotels and eating places, bounded by hills peppered with glowing skyscrapers.

  However the numerous the city’s yearly tourists and its 7.46 million people know in a different way.

  Away from the leading housing locations, substantial components in the territory’s 2,755 square km (one,064 square-mile) area characteristic unspoilt hills and mountains, region parks and nature reserves; people head to the good outdoor - to connect with character - whenever they may have free time.

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  Steve Brammar, race director of this weekend’s ultra-endurance race, the Vibram Hong Kong a hundred Extremely Trail Race - one among the world’s leading trail competitions - claims: “Many runners appear again every year … but we even have runners visiting Hong Kong along with the area for the to start with time.

  “It’s excellent to view their reaction if they realise Hong Kong isn't just procuring and skyscrapers, but in addition has breathtakingly gorgeous landscapes.”

  Town centre holds lots of top-quality once-a-year global sporting occasions showcasing major sportsmen and women, in addition to those people open up to amateur athletes from Hong Kong and all over the environment.

  As well as the 12 months 2019 is off for an thrilling start with an action-packed spring timetable. Five in the highlights illustrate the vibe of Hong Kong like a world-wide celebration hub.

  High-level expertise

  More than one,800 athletes from 60 international locations will contend in this weekend’s Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race.

  The starting up pistol will fireplace at 8.15am on Saturday in pak Tam Chung, over the Sai Kung peninsula. The runners will established off with a cautiously plotted, hilly 103km (64-mile) program, which is based close to Hong Kong's renowned Maclehose Trail, but with diversions to make sure runners expend far more time on its most scenic sections, along with finishing by using a descent from Hong Kong's greatest peak, the 950-metre (three,115-foot) substantial Tai Mo Shan.

  The race, initial held in 2011 and now ranked to be a “Series” amount race from the Ultra path Globe Tour (UTWT), appeals to additional than seven,000 candidates as amongst quite possibly the most preferred events within the world-wide trail-running calendar.

  “The elite field is very robust this 12 months with some of your world’s most effective trail runners coming to Hong Kong for your event,” Brammar states.

  Thoroughbred party

  Hong Kong provides a centuries-long relationship with horses by means of racing, but its role since the host of 2008 Summer time Olympics’ equestrian situations deepened that tie.

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