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Welcome to my blog :) I love studying English and foreign languages tons! For my study, I usually keep my blog and twitter in English.

The new semester

It is already the middle of April but the new semester has just begun and it has been pretty busy.
Since I could not graduate last month, I gotta keep on working with my master's thesis. Also I quit my job which I worked for 5 years and have lots of memories... So far it is great because all I have to do now is just my thesis and some of my housewife chores which makes me a little busier than ordinary housewives...

And I am also thinking about updating this blog both in Japanese and English because less people read this lol Then, I also have to write my thesis in English so that I do not need to have more output chances in English. This blog made me write more English than nothing. So maybe I should be more careful about the decision. I like writing English but I also like writing Japanese. Hmmm.... Anyway, thank you for reading and have a good Monday night.

久しぶりに…(English below

英語名言 by Vince Lombardi

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. 











I tried not to write Japanese on my SNS such as blog, twitter, instagram and so on as much as possoble for almost a year. But since I am Japanese so maybe I should write Japanese from now. And this is actually my April fool joke this year and I kind of feel like I am so stupid to make this joke now.

I would never stop studying English because I am proud of my English despite the fact that it is imperfect.
Some of my Japanese friends are happy to text me in English, which makes me happier and more and more English is pivotal for my life.

From today, the new school year has just started in Japan. I still have to write my thesis at graduate school. Hopefully this semester will be ok for me.

Thank you for reading my blog and have a wonderful day!

joined ENE

today my hubby n i joined the event called English networking event held by Mr. Sawada who owns his English school.

i wanted to join the event cuz i dun basically have a chance to see new ppl and speak English except for my job or the seminar.
although my hubby seemed reluctant to join the event at first (he is not outgoing unlike me), we totes enjoyed the event.
saw many ppl, talked with them in English and learned from them a lot.

participants were Sawada-Juku students and non S-J students.
since i was not his student, i could have lots of chances to talk with S-J students.
their English was really good, so friendly and very very diligent.

most of them really like studying English and their specialty. (like biology, counseling and so on
it was so nice spending time with them

thanks Sawada san n participants whom i talked with.
i look forward to meeting you guys again.

speaking English is so much fun n i want to join these kinds of events again.
gotta find events which make me practice English hard.

thank you for reading my blog and have a good night :)

i had very expensive udon which cost 1600 yen n it was sooooo good.
especially beef n sweet soup
i am so happy to have my favorite udon restaurant near my apt.
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  • joined ENE
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