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Welcome to my blog :) i luv studying English n foreign langueages tons! for my study, i usually keep my blog and twitter in English.

joined ENE

today my hubby n i joined the event called English networking event held by Mr. Sawada who owns his English school.

i wanted to join the event cuz i dun basically have a chance to see new ppl and speak English except for my job or the seminar.
although my hubby seemed reluctant to join the event at first (he is not outgoing unlike me), we totes enjoyed the event.
saw many ppl, talked with them in English and learned from them a lot.

participants were Sawada-Juku students and non S-J students.
since i was not his student, i could have lots of chances to talk with S-J students.
their English was really good, so friendly and very very diligent.

most of them really like studying English and their specialty. (like biology, counseling and so on
it was so nice spending time with them

thanks Sawada san n participants whom i talked with.
i look forward to meeting you guys again.

speaking English is so much fun n i want to join these kinds of events again.
gotta find events which make me practice English hard.

thank you for reading my blog and have a good night :)

i had very expensive udon which cost 1600 yen n it was sooooo good.
especially beef n sweet soup
i am so happy to have my favorite udon restaurant near my apt.

all "I" need is vocab!

i did not update this blog for a while again... lazy...

btw i took the eiken 1st grade test yesterday. this time i thought i need to prepare for more vocabs

then actually that was totes true.
my listening score n reading score were ok with my self assessment

but there is no doubt if i should focus on building vocabs ...
Pasutan is indispensable for my achievement of passing 1st grade...

since i dun have to be in a hurry to get 990 again, i would definitely focus on Eiken and Chu-ken(Chinese one).

if i could cover Pasutan, i would definitely pass the test... so i would try hard...

thx 4 reading this blog again.

Happy new year 2017

so here is my newest TOEIC score, which is kinda halfway for me.

anyway, ive been busy these days n totally forgot how to write my blog lol
for TOEIC, i could get 990 last November but what i should have done 
last year was actually really wrong to be honest.
rather than getting 990, i needed to concentrate on my research which is my top priority now.
so i have decided to take TOEIC after submitting my thesis probably in next June.
for this blog, i am not so sure if i keep on cuz im more interested in output n new things to learn.

hopefully, u folks have a wonderful year and lets study hard to achieve own goals.

thx 4 reading n have a nice day !

(i may stop updating this blog cuz i already achieved my goal last year)


HK's night view was beautiful... my iPad photos were not good though lol
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