December 18, 2005

Thesis Paper

My thesis paper is due the after tomorrow. Little time ~anyway, today's topic is how I'm writing the thesis in English. The subject is the comparactive culture between japan and the US, especailly researching the American Literature. Any student majoring in English at my college are required to read original textbooks, that's tough for me. Even it's difficult to think about some issues or problem ligically, thinling in English is much more difficult. Some students think the content of the thesis in japanese, then they translates into English, but I don't. I think that thinling in English becomes good prectice. The other day, I was checked my thesis by my proffessor, and be said "your paper has a little grammer mistakes!" that shocked me...please forgive detailes erroes !!hmm, but it's practice.
Let me tell my topic about my thesis. My main subject is to research the South of the US, which we have much images such as the American civil war, the racial issues, the countryside, and the old south. Any images gives us the strong impression, and affects cultures and literatures. Then, I pick up one writer, william faulkner, whose works deal with the strong racial issue in the South. What's the impact of his works? What's the streptype we has? These issues are the main theme. You know, I studied abroad in the South, Atlanta, so can experience many prejudices of the South. Such kinds of issues are very complicating...I'm confused... anyway, I want to write up good thesis my instructor likes...but it's depend on the contents not the grammer.

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November 28, 2005

Anti-Japanese Movement

Anti-Japanese Movement is the one of the most controversial issues, and always interests me while watching TV and newspaper. The other days, I had a chance to discuss this topic with foreign people (not Chineese). He said "Chiese people and Japanese people isn't bad,and that conflict is unavoidable in the future."Humm,I could agree that Chinese people isn't bad, but there're some solutions to ease these tense conflict between two contries. Of course, I don't know any solutions. In my opinion, the system of governments cause this anti movement. You know, Chinese government was originally the Communism. In a short, they adopted the planned economy for decades ago. The sucess of the Democractism and the US's econmy revealed that the planned econmy would be corrupted like the Soviet Union. Like the Soviet Union, China experienced a widening gap between rich an poor. Even now,the difference wage is the one of the most controvercial issues in China. Some researcher think that that social problems caused this japanese anti-movement. Their views is that Chinese government tried to agitate Chinese people against Japanese anti-movement in order to conceal the actual circumstances of China. 'Cause the social problem such as the wage gap keeping the big complaint of Chinese citizen.
Sorry for my bad English, everyone understand ? i don't judge this view is correct or not, but I'm agree that the difference between japanese goverment and chinese makes the situation more conflict. The history problem is also complicated at this point. What is the difference between Japanese faults and German's faults in the Second World War ? Hmm, the issue is becoming complicated...i need more study about the relation between Japan and China and the history of the Second world War !!!

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Language School

From last week,I started to go to the language school once or twice a week. At the beginning, I intended to learn just only French, but I'm learning English now, 'cause i need more grammer knowledge about French. Studying only the grammer at home is enough not to go to the language school in my opinion. My insistence is that the language school is the place to study the pronuncciation and discuss some topics in foreign languages. Studying the grammer in the school is the waste of time and money, i think. So I need to learn more French grammer by myself, then I go to learn the real French conversation !!! Anyway, I'm practing the English at this school, especially discussing some news with native speakers in English. That must be the good practice for me. Sometimes, i can't tell my true opinions in Engrish or the partner couldn't understand my sentences ' cause my pronunciation is not good. That made me so frustrating !!! I have a lot of things to tell you !!! Last class' topic was about the media issue, ex ad and tv program. these kinds of topics are difficult to express my opinions, even Japanese is hard to talk about. Questions like "What do you think that ads must be the correct informations?" or " What products are being hyped right now?". Interestingly, I like these kinds of topics, for I studied the relation between Japanese ads and Ameircan ads during the stay in the US. I had good time to discuss these interesing topics...but I need more practice to speak English fluently !!!

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October 26, 2005

Hey, my job hunting is over~~~!!!

Hey,everyone. sorry for my long silence in this webpage. I haven't written my jounrnal for about one month in English !!! I forgot hot to sign up this webpage...that's sucks. Today, I have to inform a big news to everyone.

My job hunting was over !!! Yeah, I was so released from the pressure of the recreuit exams, interviews, and something like the my future's visions. You know, the job hunting has been one of my big anxities when I came back to Japan. Sometimes, I didin't pass the exams and job interviews. That periods always made me frustrated.

The company I'll work next year is managing the merchant serivice. It has a few branch offices abroad. So language skills require us. I wanna work at the company globally, so this company can give the chance to use English and can be a active in busuiness globally. Certainly, that depends on my future's effort. thanks.

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September 18, 2005

Going to Tokyo

hey, I haven't written the journal for more than one week. Last week, I visited Tokyo from Monday to Wednesdayin order to meet the recriter of companies, and I listened with the adviser about the situation of m,y job hunting. My job hunting is still keeping... Tokyo is so big city, and I visited many places, and one of my college's friends took me around Tokyo. That's cool. I plan to go to Tokyo next week. see you soon !

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