1.Confucius is Korean

Confucius is Korean1


"Confucius is Korean?"



Confucius is Korean3


Korea succeeded to register "Duanwu" as Korean original culture to UNESCO world heritage.(Duanwu is originate in China)
They are going to register Chinese medicines as Korean medicines.


Confucius is Korean4


Koreans also plan to register Confucius as Korean.



Confucius is Korean5

Koreans insist where Confucius is from used to be Korean territory. And Kings of  Gija Joseon and Confucius were same blood line. But they ignore Gija Joseon royal line was Chinese. 



Confucius is Korean6

Professors of  Seoul University insist Hanja(Chinese letters) were invented by Korean.




Confucius is Korean8

the 75th descendant of Confusius said "That's BS! But Koreans really care about Confucius unlike Chinese, they denied Confucianism during the cultural revolution."



Confucius is Korean9

"I feel shame (on China)."

The reason why Koreans insist such nonsenses is because of Mt Paekdo despute.




2.Lexus is Korean.

korexusFrom Wikipedia. (Reverted already)

"Lexus is originally a Korean car manufacturer"



3.Magatama was invented in Korea




From Korean TV station MBC's history program.
From the link,

The program insist
"Secrets of Magatama would give us new visual of our cultural superiority."
"People in Shilla loved to wear golden Magatama and brought to Japan in ancient time."
"We have lost the Magatama culture but Japan preserved and used well."

Izumo Magatama no sato
"I received interview from Korean MBC. They said Koreans didn't know about Magatama at all , there was no place that displaying or selling Magatama. They wanted Koreans to know about Magatama like Japanese people."

I made a call to Izumo Magatama no sato.

Me:Did you really say Magatama were brought from Korea?

Izumo Magatama no sato: No. We are not experts anyway. We talked Japan and Korea both had Magatama that's all.

Sekiwan no Yonaoshi
Mr Nago (July 13) "MBC's researches were done in 10. They came to Okinawa to research Magatama because Okinawa preserves Magatama culture better than Korean and mainland Japan. They said in 2000 years ago, there was no border between Korean and Japan and Okinawa."

I emailed to Mr Nago.

Mr Nago: " I am shocked. Japan had Magatama culture in Jomon period and I explained them. They have been ignoring my request of sending tapes of the program. They told me their intension of the program was to against China's insist of Koguryo."

From this link

The MBC's program
第二部 mms://vod1.dgmbc.com/T0009/T000920060928.asf

There are some more Japanese so I contacted them.

Mr Natsube Marumo (Tamazukuri Archives): The oldest Magatama were found in Japan.

Me:Did you explain them that Magatama existed in Jomon period?

Mr Natsube: Yes I did.

Me:But the program was like Koreans invented.

Mr Natsube: They may cut the part.


Mr Maeda Yoshihiko(Wakayama museum): They visited here in May.

Me: What was their purpose?

Mr Maeda: They said they visited China, Korea, Japan to research Magatama.

Me: Did you tell them that Magatama existed in Jomon period Japan?

Mr Maeda: Of course I did. I explained about that first.

Me: Did they tape?

Mr Maeda: Yes. Well, but it's up to them whether use the tape or not.

Me: I watched the program and it insisted Magatama were invented in Korea.

Mr Maeda: They cut the story (of Magatama in Jomon period).