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At about 2AM on March 1, 2006, James, an American living and working as an English language teacher and his Japanese wife Sachiko were outside on the street near their apartment building in Osaka.


While Sachiko was telling James where she was going, approximately six policemen arrived in two police cars, and two more police were on foot running towards them.


James says he believes the large height difference between them (he has a large build and is 6′3″) added to the fact that they were new to the neighborhood and were speaking in English at such an early hour was bound to catch attention, and his assumption is that someone called the police.


The police refused his request for an English interpreter. “They attacked me and were beating, hitting, and kicking me all over my body. They rammed my head into concrete wall, kicked my back, and punched my neck and head area numerous times. Two of them then held me against the wall, while another one began choking my neck with my own necktie. I screamed for help.”“I THOUGHT THEY WERE GOING TO KILL ME”


Did the couple receive an explanation as to why they had been taken into custody? “Sachiko was told that this was just the Japanese police system,” James says. “My wife and I both tried to explain, but they ignored our explanations. This is Japan, and here you are a suspect for the simple fact that you are a non-Japanese. And you are guilty until proven innocent. They can even hold you for three days without even letting you call a lawyer, and they can also lock you up for 23 days without even charging you with a crime.”


To try to redress the situation, the couple has reported the events to the American Consulate, Amnesty International, the United Nations and the Osaka Prefectural Government’s Human Rights department, all of which are monitoring and investigating the case. “It has also been exposed that the same ‘T’ police station has been investigated for similar human righs abuse and violence towards other non-Japanese citizens in the past.’ James says.


Now, if James' story above were true, it would be a serious crime by the police. What we should do as a law-abiding Japanese citizen is

(1) To check if this story is true. And if it is true,
(2) To help James to file a formal complaint.

I've offered the help but Mr Arudo has blocked it.

I've checked with Hiragana Times and Osaka Prefectural Government’s Human Rights department.
I've got the responses.
Osaka human right department
メールで頂いた件について、回答させていただきます。相談の事実について調査し、また当時の担当者にも確認した ところ大阪府には、このような相談はありませんでした。 大阪府政策企画部人権室

This is the response concerning the matter you asked by the mail. We have investigated the matter and we have checked the officer in charge at the time, but it turned out that there was no such claim as it was cited. Osaka prefecture policy-planning human right department Osaka Jinken



Rob Johnson Says


Rob Johnson Says:
December 17th, 2007 at 12:54 am
I’m the director of the foreign language division in the Minato Board Of Education.I’ve followed this story with great dismay and will report this situation to all of the PTA presidents for each elementary and junior high school in Minato-ku.

も しこれが本当なら大変問題だと思い、港区教育委員会に連絡してみましたところ、"the foreign language division in the Minato Board Of Education"なる部署も、"Rob Johnson"なる人物もいないそうです。念のため委託先の関係者に関しても調べてもらいましたが、やはりこの人物はいないそうです。また、ならびに知 り合いの港区の某公立中学校のPTA副会長にコンタクトしてみましたところ、こうした話は何も聞いていないそうです。なぜ有道さんはこんな事実無根のコメ ントは許可してPontaさんのコメントはブロックするのか。社会活動をする方としてははなはだ遺憾な言論統制です。


Hiragana Times

As for the matter you are asking about, we hear that the matter has been settled among the people concerned. Hiragana Times
When asked if Hiragana Times confirmed the fact, Hiragana Times wrote,
Let us refrain from commenting. Please understand.
Hiragana Times does not want to answer. Anybody can e-mail them and ask them. I've linked to their e-mail address.



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