Don't you know about Flying Tigers?
The troops of the Flying Tigers had served as a part of American military in order to fight against Japanese army in China.
Of course, these were American soldiers, and received orders/money from The US.
Then, they fought against Japanese army before Pearl Harbor.
Japan and the US were already in a war status before Pearl Harbor occurred.

Roosevelt didn't want to let Americans know this fact, so that the veterans of the troops couldn't receive VE for a long time.
Unfortunately I don't know what I should call this in English.
cowardice, meanness, chicken, dirty, foul, nasty, and such.
It's certain that this can't be called Justice.

And also, Roosevelt approved JB335 which was a bombing plan aimed at 5 cities of Japan in 23 July 1941.
In addition, the niddering America intended to pretend to be Chinese Air force when they bomb Japan.
Roosevelt had aspired to commence a war clearly.
furnishing. contained.

South Korea demanded that Japan should supply ammunition to South Korean troops engaging in PKO in South Sudan.
Then, Japan gave them 10.000 ammo in order to save them and innocent people of South Sudan.
However South Korea blamed Japan as usual.
What the fuck are they thinking?
After they received it,  South Korea gov said that we have had sufficient ammo, Abe must have neglected their domestic rules  to change Japan to a country which is being able to begin wars.
If Japan had refused the proposal, South Korea would have denounced Japan as which was devoid of contributing to world peace.

What an annoying country South Korea is. 

Peter Duus, who is a famous historian and a professor at Stanford University, has compared history textbooks among China, South Korea and Japan.
As a result, he concluded that Japan's textbooks are the fairest.
Christmas? Is it delicious?
Abe has persevered .
It's understandable that translating Japanese to English is difficult, but that's too terrible.
The blogger should arbitrarily write what they want to express regardless of the original sentences.
He plays the piano without so much as seeing a score.
I affirm that my dick can gratify a woman without so much as caress later than 5 minutes.
This predominant technique has grown by stroking penis.
A ruthless warning from North Korea has notified us that spring is approaching.
A fly flew around my room.
Anybody tends to shun the discussion regardless of timing.
I don't halt my car when I drove in a narrow street. 

It stands to reason that a lot of men choose 2D girls.
Women always trample me and outraged me.
I chronically hope that 2D girls are materialized in this rotten world.
2D girls are easily distinct from real women. 
Women gave disastrous damage to my mind irremediably.
Now that fraudulent phrases of bluntly women have not repercussions for me anymore.
The aftermath of grief can't interfere with my shiny prediction.
There is more to 2D girls than real women certainly.

To begin with, Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall was built by Japan.
Tanabe Makoto, who was a diet member of Japan, suggested that the Memorial Hall should be built in Nanjing.
However, China rebuffed the proposal at once.
Tanabe profoundly desired to build the Hall, though  China refuses the suggestion.
Then Japan decided to provide the construction fund in order to build the Hall.
Eventually the Hall was built by Japan, but China has been suppressing the fact that Japan built the Hall even now.

Since then, three prime ministers and a lot of diet members of Japan went to the Hall in order to apologize.
Probably you don't know that Abe's wife also went to the Hall and apologized.
Abe is prohibited to enter China by China.

 Chinese history textbooks that describe  the wartime and other historical matters are nothing but a part of propaganda for the Chinese communist party that continues to brainwash their citizens.
According to some textbooks, China, which was The Mongol Empire, told westerners various technology, and the technology improved westerners.
South Korea is also the same.
In Chinese history textbooks, China is furiously condemning actions of The US regarding the Korean war.
China says in textbooks that China fought against the niddering American invaders in Korean peninsula because we love peace unlike wicked Americans.
Descriptions regarding Taiwan and the UK are more terrible.
About Japan, haha, what kind of novel does China want to write?
In terms of Chinese, other countries are probably merely evil.