October 29, 2004

This week's challenge --- "still life"


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October 28, 2004

This week's challenge --- "Statement"

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October 15, 2004

This week's challenge --- "Unexpected"


While I was waiting for the sunset on Grand Cayman Island, I saw a beautiful sailboat in the offing unexpected. I would think that the "Pirates of the Caribbean" are back from the past!  
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October 12, 2004

This week's challenge --- "2 by 4"


Photo Friday offered me an extra challenge named "2 by 4" this week.

So, I walked two blocks to the north, then turn right, and went 4 blocks to the east.

What I found there was.... me!  
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October 03, 2004

This Week's Challenge --- "Speed"

Dolphins swim faster than speedboat, sometimes.

Camera : CANON EOS-1N
Lens : EF15mm Fisheye
Film : Fuji RDP2

Location : Ogasawara, Japan

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September 25, 2004

This week's challenge --- "Furry"

furryCamera : Canon EOS 5
Lens : EF75-300mm 4-5.6 IS
Location : Ogasawara, Japan
A young gannet at Ogasawara, Japan.
This bird is completely white when it is out of the eggshell,
and start turning into black after 2 weeks.
This could be rare shot that caught gannet changing its color....
I took this picture at a small island in Japan, that is full of mammals, fish, and birds.  
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