August 27, 2004

This week's challenge --- "Modern"


at Helsinki, Finland 2003

Camera : Canon EOS5
Lens : EF50mm F1.8
Data : f1.8,1/60
Film : Fuji PROVIA 100F
Scanner : Canoscan D2400U  

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August 20, 2004

This week's challenge --- "Analog"


Camera: Canon EOS 5
Lens: EF50mmF1.8
Film: Fuji ASTIA (RAP)
Data: f1.8, 1/60
Scanner: Canoscan D2400U
Location: Woodstock, NY  
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This week's challenge --- "tranquility"


After sunset at Bonin Island, Japan....
I appriciate your comments. Thanks!!  
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This week's challenge --- "perfection"


This week`s challange at Photo Friday.... "perfection".
I chose a photo of beautiful dolphins which encountered at Bonin Island, Japan.

I appriciate your comments and suggestions. Thanks!!  
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Sunset in Bonin Island, Japan


I took this picture at small island named Ogasawara, in Japan. This island has an English name "Bonin Island", as it was administrated by the United States after WW2. I love this pretty island full of nature, ocean mammals, and great photogenic sites.

As this is my second challange at Photo Friday, I appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Best wishes,
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My First Challenge.... "Cool"

This is my first challange on Photo Friday, joining from Japan.
I appreciate your comments. Thanks!  
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