Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Japan's hulu started distributing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. again, this time in subtitles. 

The last they had it on was a dubbed version and I have no interest in listening American drama's in Japanese.

I have been waiting for this one to come out.

I watched 3 episode so far.

It was a nice surprise to see Samuel L. on the board.

Enjoying it so far. 

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True Detective

Japan's hulu finally started distributing 'True Detective'.

I've heard quite a lot about it, now I can watch the show.

I saw the first episode and blew my mind.


It's so good.

Thanks, hulu!

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OK, I'm done catching up lol

Recently, It's just going so fast and getting to a point of too much to handle.

I need to organize myself before go haywire.

On the other hand, I'm very much greatful for what's been happening.

It feels like a gear got notched up.

I think it was time that I went to next stage of my life.

I'm feeling excited and looking forward to what's coming next.

I never seize to amaze myself lol.

Watch out, world!

Jun is coming your way! 

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It's gonna get faster!

Today, TiT members had another meeting.

I met another new face or should I say me new face to him.

Anyway, we did some read through with some cast changes and tried some portable recorder for the quality tests.

I even brought my own DSLR to check video quality.

The camera turns off every ten min. to protect battery from heating up, but I think we can live with that since each segment lasts less than ten minutes.

And we were talking about the 4th episode already.

When we reach the point we do the show every week, it's gonna get so fast.

I gotta get used to that. 

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We're getting better every time!

Another meeting for Talk in Tokyo aka TiT.

I met some new people or should I say they met me as a new guy?

Anyway, things are getting more and more interesting and exciting.

We did some read through for the coming up episode and looks pretty promising.

I can't wait to show it in front of an audience.

Better watch out, folks!

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Is my son smart or is he smart?

He became 4 in the last Dec. 

He reads hiragana and most of katakana and now he's learning to read clock.


He even try to read a manual of LaQ and try to figure out how to make a dinosaur.

Not too long, I guess.

I can't wait to have more mature and intelectual conversation with him. 

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I thought I could go running today but the damage was done.

If something didn't come up I would have run but too bad.

I'll pick it up.

I checked the last year's record and found out I'm not doing so bad.

I'll keep it up.

Three more weeks to go. 

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