Alfreddson, we were outplayed 2 periods and then some....wholesale jerseys McClean, they played good then we played good, no time reference...McClean, a little two step on the kicked in goal, "I don't have to comment on that the NHL made their ruling. 

I don't know why people are crying about the skate goal. He didn't kick it in cheap jerseys for sale, never makes the motion. He is crashing the net with the skates aimed slowing down in position which also angle a deflection towards the net. Every Center and Winger do this in the NHL, every single one of them, rarely does this happen because the defenseman can defend the weak pass. It is in the rulebook as a clean goal cheap hockey jerseys, there is a clean video of it. It is a clean goal.  

Blame the defenseman #42 who completely misses the puck in front of the net and allows the defenseman free play behind him. That goal was #42 on Montreal's fault and no one else is to blame.  Stop the tears, wipe your eyes and prepare for next game. The Senators fought back jackets jersey and won this game, simple enough.