There are many people making profit in buying and selling of the exchange, but will be what kind of connected thing to the Japanese yen dollar recently.

In fact, the history of the Japanese yen dollar is not such a long thing.

Japanese yen was born at an exchange rate of 1 yen to the dollar in 1871.

However, the state of 1 dollar = 1 yen did not continue for a long time.

A convertible note is published for an expense of the Southwestern Rebellion of 1877 steadily, and this is because it became the inflation.

It was the opportunity when Japan moved to the full-scale gold standard to have got a pound sterling in an indemnification of the Sino-Japanese War.

This is because it gets a process to change for money to make a pound sterling Japanese Yen about 1944.

The recent exchange rate was 1 dollar = a little over 2 yen, and the gold standard continued from 1897 through 1917.

Because I turn into the European countries in World War I, and Japanese supplies were exported to the world, as for the current balance, it is with the wide cloth black, and it is said that it was for lower than 1 yen 2 dollars and strong yen as for the exchange rate.

From 1918 when World War I greeted the end of the war, the Japanese economic situation turns worse.

The exchange rate of Japanese yen made a sudden drop by the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 more.

It seemed to become the weak yen of 2.63 yen to the dollar.

A plan to return Japanese Yen to the gold standard surfaced to check aggravation of the economic situation.

As a result, the cabinet took the measures to lift the ban on money at the standard that was equal to old par in a weak yen state.

As a result, a company goes bankrupt one after another, and an income turns worse, and a panic of the Showa era will happen.

It is a chance to show a stronger voice of the military authorities.

I understand that the exchange rate of the Japanese yen dollar changes with various historical events.

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