decade best album chioce(2000〜2009) by NYK


1.Space Lullabies and Other Fantasmagore/Ekova (2001)
2.Train Leaves At Eight/The Walkabouts (2000)Glitterhouse
3. Blemish/David Sylvian(2003)
4.Kyzyl To Samarkand/SaraAyers*Ryuta.K(2008)darkwood
5. Geogaddi/Boards of Canada (Warp/Music70)( 2002):#21 UK
6.The Return of Fenn O'Berg (2004)mego [from UK]
7. Night Passage/Libana (2002) [from US]
8.Spirits Rejoice/ Albert Ayler (CD - 2006)
9. Non-form material machine/Overdose Kunst [pmc053] (2006)
10.Real to Reel/ Tesla (CD - 2007)