mickey nakayama seems belong to band"Zizek in coma"

CAN REACH me via thatiswaste@myspace.com
.. First thing first, I don't know who you are and who I am even. "Stands tip toe on the misty mountain tops. I must be gone and live, or stay and die."- William Shakespeare. Hmm,..it seems that everything is a kind of paradox. Only the thing I know is everyone dies alone. So, until the day coming, I would be always looking for the evidence which I'm alive. He's always watching me from the sky, I believe. Besides, for the people who have gone, leaving me, I play the guitar, writing and singing the songs to create my own music. I do not care others, like how someone plays. There is my own. It might be such a cheap rock stuff,...??? But no one can disturb me. I must not stop the due for my life. That's such the music. Well, I'm always improvising when play the guitar since I try to change something by each time to express what I actually feel at that time.
.. Here is Mickey's history: Born in Yokohama, started learning the guitar, classical music style, when I was 13 year-old school boy. But I stopped it soon since that lesson had bored me. After a few years later, many great rock music have knocked me out. Since that day, I have being thinking that I should play the guitar with my own style.
Now I play the guitar and sing my songs which I wrote. I am(/was) belonging to following bands;
- Diamond Lights as Diamond Head cover band, the only one in the world, mabye.

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