Roman uranjek (Short sample ) zizek in coma ( For 2nd album

Song title(For 2nd album):Roman uranjek 
Tha band:zizek in coma
zizek in coma is dark dense band since it,
formerly members of Dia,Overdose Kunst,
Nukey pikes(Now replaced),KolSonzlgn.
2011 nwobhm era guitarist ;mickey Nakayama 
belongs to zizek in coma .

Lyrics (song Roman uranjek):
Required to have flexible think(in).
(To have)a conversation with
(semi)metaphysique kind.

required to have flexible think(in).
(To have) transcendency 
with   meta -feeling .

Hi,roman uranjek!
Have migrate ,state in time.
Hi,roman uranjek!
we can live ,state in time, now.


[track FRom Zic new album (2nd)]