Pray for goddess(Short sample ) zizek in coma ( For 2nd album

Song title(For 2nd album):Pray for goddess
The band:zizek in coma
zizek in coma is dark dense band since it,
formerly members of Dia,Overdose Kunst,
Nukey pikes(Now replaced),KolSonzlgn.
2011 nwobhm era guitarist ;mickey Nakayama 
belongs to zizek in coma .

Lyrics (song: Pray for goddess)
she just got not blight it in 
my desert of void,even.she makes 
Ohyakudo the Stepping with her daugther.
ask for ray Brassier.object of symetry.
thought of name eri.
thought of nannasuen.pray for 
it has brought about reborn,just.
it has brought about reborn,somehow.