Buying and selling of the exchange is carried out consistently in the foreign exchange market, and the exchange rate changes every moment.

If there is more it than a person saying that a saying person to want to buy foreign exchange wants to sell the basics of the change of the foreign exchange rate, the price rises.

The currency which many people want to part with is a low currency.

I participate in demand and the supply of the market by a world bank making a deal in the foreign exchange market, and holding a currency, and parting.

The exchange rate is fixed after having contained many elements.

The thing becoming the factor of the change of the rate of the foreign exchange is a policy for the finance currency of each country.

By the recent story, there is the thing that a swap agreement for the expansion of Korean Wong was canceled.

The others of the currency swap between two countries have various monetary policy.

Open market operation, deposits and savings preparations rate operation, the monetary policy including the policy about the official discount rate have various things and understand the monetary conditions of the country from them.

I have considerable influence for an exchange rate of the foreign exchange market I do it, or what kind of monetary policy a nation is going to do.

The place where each country currency is traded is the foreign exchange market.

I am shown I compare other countries with value of the property of various countries and the country in the foreign exchange market, and how much value there is.

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