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This blog is dedicated to help vape shop owners with their wholesale vape juice purchases for their business. New products arrive on the vapor market everyday and this blog will guide you to help you buy the best selling and newest products for your customers.


Ethos Vapor Crispy Treats Trio of flavors.
Ethos Vapor E juice is offered in a variety of different flavor lines, but we chose to review the Ethos Cripsy Treats flavors for your bulk e juice purchasing decisions.
This line is VG / PG 75/15, making huge clouds and even better flavor. This line is a winner if you are a fan of Rice Crispy Treats. This juice is a registered coil gunker, so be prepared with a pack of coils if Your using an RBA or Subohm tank. Is this bulk premium e juice worth it? We will let you know with this bulk e juice review.
We are not know the exact reason why they ruin the cotton, either cheap flavor concentrates or too much sweetener in in RDA, so you can cheaply replace the cotton once. The juice.
This juice comes in 60 ml bottles and contains zero diacetyl and a very small amount of Acetyl Propionyl.
So what does Crispy Treats Taste like?

Ethos Vapors has created the perfect e juice with a blend of flavorings that mimic Rice Krispies Treats perfectly. Rice Crispy treats is made of a mixture of Rice Krispies cereal, marshmallows, and butter. Melt all the ingredients together, mix evenly into a baking Pan, let cool, and bam, you have yourself some nice Rice Krispies Treats.
Now we will evaluate each of the three flavors to tell you about them.
Ethos Crispy Treats E juice - Original Flavor

Perfect spot on flavor of Rice Krispies Treats, I would not call it an all day vape, but definitely something you want to have about for when your in mood for some dessert.
Ethos Strawberry Crispy Treats E juice-
The strawberry crispy treats only adds to the greatness of the original flavor. The ripe fresh strawberries give this e juice a perfect mix of sweet and savory to want to vote this e juice all day .
Ethos Green Apple Crispy Treats E juice -
A perfect blend of green apple flavor with the savory Crispy Treats flavor in the savory Tastes just like gooey green apples mixed into Rice There are tons of green apple flavors out there, some sweet, some tart, but Ethos got this flavor nailed right! Krispy Treats. This flavor could definitely be an all day vape.
Ethos Cripsy Treats are full of flavor, perfectly mixed and a very satisfying vape. The High VG formulation makes the Clouds just perfect while carrying the perfect amount of flavor. The problem with these liquids is that that gunk up coils very fast which shows how crappy the e juice concentrate flavors they are using. Start out using low wattage on this 

Be careful when buying this bulk e liquid wholesale. Start out with a really small order to see if your customers like the juice and are willing to rewick or switch their coils so often to be able to use it.

Check out this youtube promo video from Ethos, with a hot babe in her panties promoting the juice.


I went to the ASD Tradeshow here in Las Vegas and met the operators of Crepe Vapes and Red Zone Vapes.
I was pretty satisfied with what Red Zone Vapes had to offer in flavors. The theme of the line is Football specifically famous football players. Their Flavors are named Montana, Marino, Manning, and Brady.
They come in all different sizes 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml. They gave me the 60ml version of all the flavors that come in Chubby Gorilla bottles. So far I have tried the Chocolate Covered Pretzel and the Strawberry Watermelon flavors.

The Chocolate Pretzel was spot on, I have never tried a pretzel vape, i didn't even know that flavor existed. I was half expecting the pretzel taste to be some kind of doughnut or bread taste, but it was a perfect pretzel taste. The chocolate was great too, i can't believe they were able to make such an amazing flavor.

I rolled my eyes when I looked at the Strawberry Watermelon flavor. I thought, oh great another simple fruit flavor, but it was far from that. The strawberry Watermelon e liquid was an amazing mouth watering flavor. It reminded me of bubblicious gum from when I was a kid. They must have stolen bubbilicious's flavor company because this vape tasted exactly like that gum. The best part was, the flavor never went away after 5 minutes of chewing it! 

Overall I was very impressed with the flavor profiles of these great vape flavors. I can't wait to try the Orange Gatorade! I will update you guys when I have tried it, i'm sure its going to be great! The only artifical orange flavor I like is the one from Crush soda, but i'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised like the last two vape juice flavors I have tried from Red Zone Vapes. 
Check out their youtube video


Buying your Vape Juice wholesale can be a daunting task lately. Owning a Vape Shop in these uncertain times can be a tough task. New Juices are coming out every week, manufacturers are scrambling with FDA compliance.

You, the vape shop owner are wondering what does the future hold? What brands will stand the test of time and be here in 5 years? The short answer is, right now nobody knows. Small brands will be able to come into compliance by piggybacking onto bigger companies Premarket Applications. So we can expect to see alot of juice companies for the foreseable future.

While we are still here in the unregulated market, you need to know a few things about buying your wholesle vape juice so your customers are happy with their purchases.
Here are 10 tips and tricks to buy the best products and how to find out if the products are actually good before you place a large order.
  1. Find a supplier that actually tests the juice before they sell it to you. Ask them if the juice is a coil "gunker". A coil gunking vape juice will destroy the cotton in your sub ohm tank or in your RDA before you vape 30-45ml. While this juice might taste good, your customers are going to be unhappy in the longrun. This type of vape juice will require your customers to replace expensive prebuilt coils before they can finish a 60ml bottle of vape juice. We recommend Vape Supply Club for your wholesale vape juice purchases. Their dedicated experts test out all the juice before they add it to their catalog of products.
  2. Not all VG is created equal. The vape juice manufacturers who actually know what they are doing buy the best VG available, VG derived from Palm oil. This VG is naturally sweet because of the Palm Tree's it is derived from. The best manufactures buy their VG from Malaysia because that is where it is manufactured in an industrial capacity. Companies buying VG from manufacturers in the United States are buying VG derived from Soy Beans. The VG is a byproduct from industrial ethanol production and it not the best for vaping. It is not guaranteed to create the best cloud, hold the flavors properly or even taste right all the time. If you taste a drop of Palm VG versus Soy VG you will definately tell the difference. The Palm VG is so much sweeter and thicker. It will produce the best cloud possible.  
  3. Not All PG is created equal. The good vape companies will lab test their pg when it comes into their warehouse to detect its quality. Not all pg is the same, some pg will have inpurities in it making your juice taste "wierd" or off. Make sure to buy from a trusted company your VG and PG. We reccommend Nude Nicotine, their owner is probably the smartest guy i've ever met and he only has the highest quality VG/PG available. He even has his suppliers ship him a sample to lab test before he even considers buying it.
  4. Not all Nicotine is created equal. Nicotine quality has so many variables in it, its hard to tell whats good before a manufactuer uses it unless they lab test it. Nicotine comes from the USA, India, and China mainly. Most of the e liquid manufacturers will use nicotine from India because it is of pretty good quality. Some manufactures use nicotine from China, which sometimes is not the best qualtiy for their vape juice. The USA made nicotine is usally very good, but more expensive then the stuff that gets imported from India. TFN nicotine is the best because it is completely synthetic. It has absolutely no taste and is the cleanest nicotine you will find. It is so expensive though that you will rarely find it in vape juice. Only a handfull of vape juice manufactuers have included it in their products. If your a vaper, you will be able to tell the difference brand from brand how the nicotine effects you and how it tastes.
  5. Ask about sweeteners before buying your e liquid. Some concentrates already come with sweeteners added such as stevia and fructose. If too much sweetener is used, your coil will become gunked or burnt before you vape 30ml of vape juice through it. I have personally had a coil burnt after 10 ml because of the extreme amount of sweetener in the juice. It almost tasted like vaping pure sugar.
  6. Make sure to get the GCC(General Conformity Certificate) and CRC(Child resistant caps) document before you carry the line. It is the law now that all vape juice must be bottled in tested and approved Child resistant bottles.
  7. Be sure to ask if the e liquid contains any concentrates containing natural peanut or tree nut concentrates. If someone is allergic to nuts, they will have an allergic reaction to the vape juice and you do not want an unhappy customer. Some of the concentrates from popular flavor companies such as The Flavor Apprentice will have natural nut oils in their flavor concentrates that are based on a nut flavor.
  8. Buy products that all have a similar retail price point per millileter. Some juice companies are coming out with big bottles of ejuice for a low price and you do not want to cannabilize your profit margins for a product that has a very low price. These juices are usually not great and aren't bottled in a clean room. It takes a lot of money to run a ejuice company so they need their high price points. If they are trying to sell you very cheap juice, its a red flag, beware.
  9. If your distributor is also selling vape hardware, make sure the products are authentic. Clones or counterfeit products will not work the same as authentic ones and can be dangerous to the user.
  10. When carrying batteries, only carry the big name brand batteries that are authentic. Lots of shops carry Efest batteries, which are marketed very well, but they do not perform as advertised. People have independently tested them and they do not live up to their claims of Amps, Voltage, Or mAh.
Conclusion: If your a vape shop owner, good luck, the vaping industry is a growing industry and you need to stay on top of the trends and new products coming out on the market. 
Use these 10 tips to help your business succeed, grow your profit margins, and have your customers keep coming back to your shop.