The relations of the Japanese yen dollar change by having got up in world history and the domestic situation.

From World War II to the present age, it will be the thing which had what kind of change to the Japanese yen dollar.

I will force it to the devaluation of large prices by the then prime minister and Minister of Finance having lifted the ban on money at the standard that is almost old par after the Great Kanto Earthquake though it is weak yen.

Therefore, the corporate earnings worsened more and more, and the companies which went bankrupt increased, and the unemployment rate rose.

From a panic of the Showa era to the political intervention of the military, it becomes the factor of various things.

Following a pound sterling having left the gold standard in 1931, Japan stopped the gold standard.

The Japanese yen dollar changed for weak yen afterward, and the price of thing rose rapidly.

It was a point of 1,932 years that I changed with 5 yen to the dollar, but arrived at 15 yen to the dollar after World War II greeted the end of the war.

Inflation progressed steadily and became the exchange rate of 270 yen to the dollar in 50 yen to the dollar, July, 1948 in March, 1947.

In the notification brought from the headquarters for 1,949 years by the Japanese Government, 1 dollar was a state of 360 yen.

Economy of America becomes impoverished after the Vietnam War, and the major country currency will shift to the floating rate system triggered by it in 1973.

The dollar of America became 276 yen to the dollar later in 176 yen to the dollar, 1982 as of improvement, 1978.

An oil crisis, Iran-Iraq war are related.

When there was an actual demand principle, the foreign exchange gain using the floating rate system was not provided, but was abolished in 1984.

The postwar low per 1 dollar was 79 yen 75 sen of 1995 for a while, but East Japan great earthquake disaster is in 2,011 years, and it is with 76 yen 25 sen, and the exchange rate of 1 dollar changes to 75 yen 32 sen afterwards.

It is important to predict a change of the market price from the history of such past Japanese yen and dollar when I do exchange dealings.

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