Today I went to a practice of a Chorus group called Gettoh-no Kabu-Dan, which means singing and acting group of Alpinia Zerumbet, and after the practice, three of us went to have a dinner at this yammi soba noodle restanrant, which was famous for soba noodles in Japan.


An ordinary view through this small window placed just above the floor makes it look different and beautiful.


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Egg Slices Made of Soup and Eggs
I would recommend this to you...

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Horse Radish
When you eat it, its taste comes deeply in your tongue and stomach in a few different layers.

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This soba-gaki actually tasted much better than I expected. It was my first time I had ever eaten this. Its texture is not as sticky as omochi (rice cake) made of rice, and it feels smooth and soft with a delicate flavor of soba. This is one of the best foods to eat in the middle of winter.

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Wasabi - cleans your system. 

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On top of soba-gaki, I put wasabi and pieces of nori. Yam!

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 Fried Soba Noodle
It is crispy. Just bite it.

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At Goma-Soba-no Himitsu (At the Secret of Sesami-seeds Soba)

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We had such a nice soba dinner, and departed from the friends for home.

At first, when I started to go to this group of singing and acting, singing in a chorus would not be so interesting, but in fact, the more I practice with them, the more interesting it becomes, especially because the songs written and composed are for anti-nuclear energy and peace. I think that it wold be great for these songs to be spreaded throughout Japan and make more people become aware of anti-nuclear activities and peace.

At the end of this diary, I just would like to say that Maitreya Rael, the last messenger chosen by the Elohim (= those who came down from the sky), like the culture, way of our respecting the others, foods, etc. of Japan, because in many areas, you can find some traces of the civilization of the Elohim.

Maitreya Rael says that it is only Paradism that can save the humanity from self-destruction by nuclear weapons in World War 3.



Soba-gaki is the meal cooked from soba powder, which is not in the form of noodles, but rather cakes like in rice cakes. You make this by adding hot or cold water to the powder, and heat it as you stir it quickly into gruel until it becomes solid.

At production areas of soba noodle, because it is so easy to make this, even children make it for afternoon snacks. It is usually eaten by cutting a small piece off the soba-gaki (soba cake), and dip it in a soup or soy sauce to eat.