ジョー・コックス(Jo Cox)下院議員射殺事件を受け、イギリスのEU独立(Brexit)に関する国民投票のキャンペーンが中止

6月16日に労働党の議員で庶民院(下院)に所属していたジョー・コックス(Jo Cox)議員が、ウェスト・ヨークシャー州リーズにあるBirstall Library(バーストール図書館)で国民投票をめぐる集会の準備をしていたところ、銃撃を受け、その後ナイフで刺され死亡した事件を受けて、イギリスのEU独立を問う国民投票に関するキャンペーンを中止することが決まった。

 もともと、独立に関する国民投票では、EU残留派のBritain Stronger In Europeと、EUからの独立派のVote Leaveにわかれてキャンペーンを行っていたが、襲撃事件を受けて、両者が共にキャンペーンを一定の期間中止することを発表しました。



British MP Assassinated: Here’s How Another PSYOP Was Staged to Thwart the Looming Brexit 


Was the British MP shot and killed to thwart the high successful BREXIT campaign?


But what was their real strategy?

Perhaps it was to find a very sharp MP like Jo Cox who was actually for remaining in the EU who could be easily killed.  In this way the behind-the-scene perps could not be accused of killing a major proponent of BREXIT that could then be cynically used to intimidate other MPs as well as the citizenry-at-large.


Special Note:
The BREXIT movement has been moving the polls daily toward a decisive victory. Therefore, those who routinely fix the vote numbers in order to always guarantee a Globalist win had to do something radical and overwhelming.  They had to perpetrate a scheme so dramatic and game-changing that it could be pointed to after the voting tallies were systematically altered against BREXIT. Through the brutal murder of an ardently pro-BREMAIN female politician, sympathies are now easily stoked toward reversing the current trending.  This shocking murder in Merry ole England gives the NWO cabal all the right stuff to sabotage the referendum in the favor of BREMAIN.   And in such a way that they will likely get away with it, as the people always let them.

BREXIT Campaign Suspended

Now see what has happened: the extremely successful BREXIT campaign has been voluntarily suspended by the decent Brits, in view of this deliberate killing.

Brexit Campaigns Suspended After British Lawmaker Shot Dead By Mentally Ill Assailant

The immediate effect is to take the wind out of the sails of a fast-growing and powerful people’s movement that is determined to get the UK out of the sinking EU ship.  The people know that the whole EU project has turned into an unmitigated disaster  … for everyone concerned.  They (the BREXIT campaigners) really do want the U.K. out in the worst way … yesterday!

Newly elected Labour MPs. Jo Cox (left) MP for Batley & Spen, with Holly Lynch, MP for Halifax (right) at a photocall of newly elected Labour MP's at Westminster, central London. Picture date: Tuesday May 12, 2015. See PA story POLITICS Labour. Photo credit should read: Yui Mok/PA Wire URN:22984252Jo Cox MP for Batley & Spen — Yui Mok/PA Wire

Jo Cox, the humanitarian

One also has to wonder about why they murdered MP Jo Cox who was a vocal humanitarian and a quite popular politician.  Especially in an era when the English-speaking politicians are universally loathed and considered by many to be the enemy of the people is such an assassination game-altering.

Assassinated British MP Was a Vocal Humanitarian

Now that a young and very attractive MP has died in the midst of an exceedingly frenziedBREXIT campaign, how will her memory be exploited by the BREMAIN side?  How will this terrible act be taken advantage of by the government, and especially by PM David Cameron?  He is under enormous pressure to keep the UK squarely on the EU reservation—a mission that he is failing miserably at accomplishing.

Time will certainly tell who and why this senseless assassination was ordered.  And we don’t mean TIME magazine!

State of the Nation
June 16, 2016