When I use a loan and caching, there seems to be examination not only a shopping loan by all means.

The standard of the examination varies according to each finance company, but agrees at the rough point.

When I do not pass examination, there is a reason by all means.

It is to ascertain it whether recommended one guesses beforehand when I use a shopping loan, and oneself passes examination.

I am older than 20 years old, and, as for the main premise to pass examination, in the case of a shopping loan, it is said that it is that there is a constant income monthly.

When a multiple debt and the person whom I have delayed do not readily go for examination in a shopping loan and caching in the past, I am said to be it.

Yearly income, the residence number of years, the duty number of years are made much of as materials judging repayment capacity.

It is natural for possibility to pass examination to lower when an evaluation of the repayment capacity is not good.

Much one seems to be the omission of of the application entry, the mistakes of the phone number by the examination of the shopping loan unexpectedly.

Because the examination to pass does not go with the documents which false contents were listed in, it is not finished by the mistake.

It not being unusual for shopping lawn not to be usable by a careless input error in the case of the application from a net in particular.

When what come to cannot but purchase shopping by cash payment cannot use a shopping loan, it is time that there is not the credit card.

I want to file in the state that is easy to pass a shopping loan for examination as much as possible.

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