There is the thing getting a caching function to the credit card.

People having a credit card increase.

I can do shopping easily when I carry money if there is a credit card.

Not only that, I can borrow cash.

When I made a card, in the case of the credit card which is usable as caching, a use amount of money of the caching is decided.

The financing in the amount of money is possible.

When cash is necessary, it is nice service that financing is received by a credit card.

When I refund it, I add the interest rate that a credit card company establishes.

For example, 493 yen will be included in the interest when I continue borrowing 100,000 yen for ten days when I use cashing service with 18% of interest rates.

It is said that the amount of caching possibility is not necessarily same as the use ceiling of the credit card.

When I compare the ceiling, there is few it, and the ceiling of the caching is held down than credit.

In the detailed statement of the card, the information about the upper limit and the interest rate of an available amount of money is specified by the card.

The condition will be good with what I check individually every credit card what kind of condition borrowing is possible on because there is a difference.

I will use the caching of the credit card properly by a use purpose than I borrow big money for a long time because small amount borrowing money for a short term turns.

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