If a deep feeling is the method of, but I have for you in the one hundred poison, if love you is a sin, I already made one HKUE ENG thousand sin for you.

World of mortals in smoke, a dream, the wind, can't tell true already, can't tell you in the dream or the dream, the dream is your gentle eyes, dream is you zhi hot heart, so why should you tell? I just practice hard in front of the Buddha in a keep itself, but inadvertently fall into your bun, from now on can't get out of your tender feelings, fall for you, for you to break the dust.

Time hold in the palm of your hand, the youth is left behind, and then look back, still clinging to the lock of hair, tell myself that everything is real. Each step nu skin the finish on the far some hope, although painful, but hope this nostalgia for longer.

Stubborn and persistent can, silently walk, a person is enough. Heart full filled with those or bitter or sweet or happy or sad, has been hold any other feelings. Look for a person to save? Don't need, this day, suffering but enjoy them. Expectations are no longer expect, slowly into the ink night, condensed eyes slowly, don't need to see others, see yourself. Sometimes smile, the smile is to meet is happiness, and the occasional such life will be more color, will go to the flower, Yang will go to heating, to hold tea bitter in the sweet. This world, start is inherently HKUE ENG more difficult than the end, forget also would have more difficult than miss. This is not love, but time is long, will become a habit. Someone compare love to have a glass of water, poured too much at a time, to the less of others. Ask yourself how much is left now this glass of water? But a faint smile, because that there is no answer. Like the past winter, the spring come too early, go faster. Accustomed to the cold, some won't accept such a soft warm. But, still want to try to accept, try to habit, the last may also be going on like to fall in love with such a warm spring.

Feeling that something will feet trapped in situ, accustomed to accept, lost struggle, time is long, will feel that bundling is taken for granted. In fact, have nothing to bind himself, is his own so reluctant to leave those who let their heartache.. Hidden in the fingers will always be those who shed blood into scar marks.