I'm real keen on visualization. Always have been in school. Always have been in anything that has to do with digesting huge chunks of information. 


Now look.... 

people sometimes talk all this mess on SF4's simplicity; and yes, I do believe thats a part of why SF4 is still lasting till this day. But for all it's simplicity, there is complicated side that makes memorizing frame data, wake up frames, setups, absolutely impossible

I thought this would be a gnarly time to talk about the note taking app that I use for my iphone(and ipad).

Although, most japanese top players keep notes in their smartphone. It seems becuse you can fit so much information in by using kanji, mostly any note taking app would work for them as long as you can type spaces and shit.

Well, that doesn't quite work that well with English. I've paid for literally 10 different note taking apps in an effort to find the one that fits me the best. So unless you want your notes looking like this...


And because you don't want to sound like a bum living in your mom's basement, you should check out this app I'm using called "awesome note". 

(Yes, I initially clicked it at first soley cause it was named mother fucking AWESOME NOTE)

Check it out HERE 

You'll want features such as these:

1) Sync across multiple platforms (computer, smartphone, tablet)

2) Some kind of color scheme assortment (Change up font colors, folder colors AKA easy mode organization)

 Checklist option (To-do list option)

 is important because you never know what might happen if you lose your smartphone, don't have your tablet/computer handy, want to type up notes easily using a full fledge keyboard.

 is important because it takes too fucking long reading paragraphs. You'll need to simplify the information as much as you can. I use a variety of fonts and background colors depending on the subject that it's under 



 Checklist option is vital because since every character has their own unique wake up speed + hit box animation, you have to alter your setup's for each character. What I did for each character was to include a setup I wanted to test and copied that page for each character. Next to each individual setup I would include a checkbox and eventually check it off when I was done testing it out. 


With the ability to sync EVERNOTE and GOOGLE DRIVE, you'll never lose those precious unblockable setups.

Though it can be a huge pain in the ass to write all this stuff down. 
Just imagine losing all your precious information. What if you forgot the key to defeating Alex Valle? (Hint: DON'T PLAY INTO HIS STYLE) 

That won't happen now cause you using AWESOME NOTE! 

Cause you ain't NOTIN unless you be using AWESOME NOTE

- Awesome Note | Kim1234 


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