December 11, 2006

wonderful Sunday

I got to surf in Oiso yesterday.
I know, it is December it means winter season
has already begun.
My friends prepare snow sports.

Even though wind and water was cool
waves were very nice of me.
I caught waves many times
I felt satisfied with that.

I caught a cold actually and I couldn't stop
coughing. After surfing I was really worried
that my cold would be worse but I recovered.
The gift from the ocean made my cold gone.

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December 08, 2006

motorcycle licence

I passed the exam of the motorcycle licence last Sunday.
It was really fun to learn how to drive.
But it doesn't mean I can drive the public road just
passing the exam. I have to go to the official licence center
to have the driver's ID issue.

So I took a half day off today and went to the center at Samezu in Sinagawa.
Surprisingly I got to the driver's licence to the Gold one.
The "Gold" stands for safety driver.
Only non-violated people get it.
When I rewrote the driver's licence a few years ago,
I got the usually one it would expire 2010.

I feel very lucky.

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December 01, 2006

happy week

I had the great lunch in this week.
I ate a lunch box of Imahan on Tuesday at a bank.
On Wedensday, I got to have a lunch party at Imperial Hotel.
The lunch was Nadaman's.Both were free charge because
I was invited.
Yesterday was Tamagoya and today was a farewell party at
a hotel near the company. It was Italian.

Great lunch week, didn't they?

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November 30, 2006


The party season we call it "Bonenkai" just begin.
"Bonenkai"is a kind of ceremony to drink for
remembering that has occurred around us this year with
friends, colleague and clients in December.

I like this party because it is good opportunity to
meet friends who haven't met for a while.

But we have to care not having many parties
because we need energetic if we have to drink
day by day.

I found out very good supplements that would support me.
Only taking sapri before drinking or sleeping,
my hangover will decline.

I recommend the people who are annoyed about hangover
to buy this supplements.

Good supplements are Cystein and Glutathione

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November 28, 2006

We Will Rock You

I watched a musical "We will rock you" at the Koma theater in Shinjuku.
It was first time to watch the musical for me in Japan.
(I watched the musical "Cats" in N.Y about 10 years ago.)
My friends happened to give me tickets so I got to watch.
I had a good time to watch but I felt a strange feeling.
At the end of the play it was the most exciting scene
all audience were standing with shaking their hands.
The scenery was very odd for me.
Usually audiences who join the rock and roll concert were
standing from beginning to end.

And I really understand Fredie's voice was so excellent.
Actually the members who act this musical sing very well
and trained but these are quite difference from Fredie's.

I listened to Queen's music after musical.
The musical make me listen again Queen's music.

Tks, Liz

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November 24, 2006


I have been to a school nowadays to get a
motorcycle licence since last month.

I have interested in riding a motorcycle but
I hesitaited to go to the school.
The reason I didn't try to get a licence by 30's
is that I think it is enough to have the driver licence.
But I thought to have the motorcycle is one of the ways of adding
my life value. Because I want to go touring by a motorcycle not
a car. It must be interesting. I must be happy only riding the motorcycle.
Even better, it is more economic than having the car in Tokyo.
The fee of the car parking is \30k-50K per month.
And other maintainance fees like insurance or tax fee are
too expensive.

Anyway my curiosity about motorcycle is to look for motorcycles
I will ride.

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November 22, 2006

NO title

I haven't written this blog for a while.
It passed almost 1 month since I stopped writing.
I feel it is very hard to keep doing something.
To have a motivation required the curiosity and sometimes to be a patient.

I am surprised that someone checked my blog yesterday (it counts 2)
even though I haven't written.
I guess who checked my blog.

Anyway I decide to rewrite again.

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September 14, 2006


It has been raining since Monday and it became cold suddenly.
It had been over 30 degree by last Sunday but after that it has changed the autumn weather.
I usually have my jackets leave the office during the summer but
I put my jacket on when I go to the office from this week.

The autumn season has begun.

Now I change my mind and I try to enjoy the autumn itself like
eating delicious foods, reading books and so on.

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September 06, 2006

Typhoon is coming

It is a windy day today.
I felt my eyes pain when I come to the office
because of strong wind.
I always put contact lens on so the feeling of pain was
twice or 3 times more than other people not using contact lens.
I couldn't stand with shedding tears as I got to feel pain.

When I arrived the office I rushed into the rest room to
wash my face.

The typhoon has been close to Japan and that has made
Japanese island's weather bad.

It is about to rain.

Hope not start to rain when I go back home.

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August 28, 2006

long weekend

It was very comfortable when I got to sleep yesterday.
On the other hand I miss the summer. Has it gone?

I had a very good time last weekend.
Because I did surfing 2 days continuously
on Friday and Saturday and I played basketball on Sunday.
I love both sports so I was satisfied with doing them well
though we lost the game.

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August 23, 2006

8/23 new sports?

I am going to go to Ibaraki prefecture not for surfing
but for golf next month.
I will join it with my colleague for the first time.
I seldom play golf but I decided to play it because
my boss recommend to play strongly.

I am not interested in golf because it is boring
for me. ( When I was a elementary student, my father
took me to a practice center of golf on weekend.
So my score wasn't so bad for the beginner)

Japanese businessman needs being familiar
with colleague through playing golf or going to drink
after the work, even on weekend.
I have kept away that kind of peculiar culture.

But I am very familiar with them so I decided to go.
That entertain isn't too much for me.

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August 21, 2006


I got to do surfing with my new board at last.
I hadn’t done surfing for a while in spite that
I got the new surfboard one month ago.

The waves were not so bad but I was exhausted
because of strong current.( Current means the
current of ocean, If current is strong, we can’t
stay the same place on the water and it requires
muscle to stay the same place paddling without rest.

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August 17, 2006

World Championship Basketball

The World Championship of basketball will be held in Japan.
This event is played every 4 year and determines the best
team on the globe.

The number of participating teams will increase to 24
from 16.
FIBA aims at getting the fan of basketball more.

You know Kei Igarashi he became famous recently,
handsome and playing very well is the key person
of team Japan.
Check his quickness out!

I am really looking forward to this event.

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August 16, 2006


I was invited to a business entertainment
at a French restaurant..
It was lavish, I don't know how much it was
but I guess it must be expensive.
The wines they ordered were white one and red one.
I forgot the name but the taste was very nice.

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August 15, 2006

Today is...

It passed 61 years since the end of WW.
Today is the day of the memorial day.

We pray for victims of this war at noon.

And also today is the day of welcoming ancestors
once a year.

We usually go to the cemetery to greet with
our ancestors, it means we wash the stoned tomb
and give flowers and incense.
I like scent of incense.

I am working today but I am free on working time
because almost people take a vacation.

Every year I have my working files like many copies
and documents clean up.

That's why I come to the office.

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August 14, 2006


I bought CD racks and stuffs at a reasonable price at IKEA.
I wanted to go to IKEA and finally did it.

It was very fun just to look around
an exhibition room.

The IKEA has 2 floors. It is like a warehouse
so it is very huge.

The shop recommend to see from the second floor
which is the exhibition room. The shop suggest
many ways of the interior style with various life style.
There is a price with the number tag of each stuff
that this number points out the place the stuff locates

After that we picked up the stuffs on the 1st floor.

You know the products of IKEA need building up on my own.
Some may think it is bothering but it is interesting for me.

I build up CD racks.

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August 11, 2006

Krav Maga diary


This is the 23rd time to join the Krav Maga
of my life(^^).

/ stretch
/ game (a knife game)
/ how to
/ drill

An instructor was a different person from previous one.

/ game
This is using knives. We prevented to be taken from a knife
putting on the waist and we tried to take knives from other members.
And we counted the number of knives we took.
We had to push up in case we had no knives.

/how to kick and punch( combination)
The way of low kick and hammer punch with
passive position.
The important thing in this training is not to
be noticed our agressive feeling against the enemies
when we try to attack.

We had to keep kicking the mitt as the instructor


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August 10, 2006

summer vacation

I was going to go to Ibaraki for surfing yesterday,
but I couldn't make it because the typhoon suddenly
changed its way to the Kanto area.
We decided to cancel to go as we heard the sound
of heavy rain.
I spent my vacation doing nothing special all day.

My ability to call the storm is still keeping.

Looking back the past days when I planed to do
something special, there was relation with
bad weather.

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August 07, 2006


I am reading a book "Boukoku-no-AEGIS" written by
Fukui, Harutoshi he has been famous for writing
about the defense of Japan.
What is special about him is he was born after the war.
It is called the novelist of post war generation.

The books consist of 2 books and each of them is so thick
but I have been reading very quickly because it is very

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August 04, 2006

Krav Maga diary


Today's commands are as follows.

/ stretch
/ how to punch and way of standing (positioning).
/ how to protect when you are choked from behind.

1. Stretch
It involves aerobic exercises so we got tired only
with it. At the end of stretch we have to push up and
sit up by the instructor allow to stop

2. How to..
Points of punching are sides, waist and position.
(It is also true of kicking)

3. Case
We have to be a standing position even if we were
choked from behind and pushed strongly.
(It is very important to use legs not to fallen down.)
Then stretching arms to the side of ears and turning around
for attacking back. And we just attack to escape.


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