【The origin of Aah-!】

【The origin of Aah-!】

Tadano and others costumed as soccer players, bump into a Yakuza's car.
After having conversations as "Get on your knees and hands." "You’re giving me my license back if I do so, right?",
they become naked.
His anus was dug by a finger, and insulted "what a damn filthy hole!"
He writhes shouting "Aah- Aah-!" as blowjobbed by a junior.
Showing his private part to the Yakuza, he shows the anus to the juniors. "I love it!" he writhes and
his Junior erects. Then, one of his junior puts a condom on and inserts into Tadano from his back.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah!" shouts Tadano while he erects.
The Yakuza joins, and foursome begins. Though he has been all abused, Tadano
turns into offence, rids on the Yakuza, and starts raping him. Shaking his hip、he shouts
"Aah-, Aah-, I'm coming!" and ejaculates on the Yakuza's abdomen violently.
Also, he turned three times and barked "Wanh!" as a stick stuck in his ass.

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“Episode I: Threaten yakuza! Young athletes strikes back!”

“Babylon Stage 34: Midsummer Night’s Naughty Dream”

Is this only a dream or for real…? The overheated sexual
desires of 3 young athletes and one yakuza finally rushe
into a lethal level at one hot midsummer night.

“Episode I: Threaten yakuza! Young athletes strikes back!”
On their ways home after a game, college soccer players
unfortunately ran into a yakuza’s black-painted deluxe car.
Tanioka the yakuza presented one special “condition” for
a settlement to Miura, who took all the responsibility for

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Chapter 1: Gangster's Threat! Sports Club Members' Counterattack

Babylon Stage34 "Xxx-Dream in the Night of Midsummer: the IMP"
Is this dream, or true...? In the hot night of midsummer, heating desire finally go into dangerous zone.

Chapter 1: Gangster's Threat! Sports Club Members' Counterattack
After the match, the soccer club members were on the way to home.
Because tired perhaps, they stroke black and expensive car form behind.
What is the condition of private settlement which Tanioka, the gangster whose car is struck, told
to Miura, who screened his juniors and assumed the responsibility.... etc.

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【Происхождение 《Аттсу》 】

【Происхождение 《Аттсу》 】

Тадано, чтобы явиться олицетворением члену футбола ударяют автомобиль якудзы сзади.

К абсолютно-голому через беседу, типа "Становившийся есть
четыре Ха" "лицензия может быть возвращен".

Анальный злоупотребляется пальцем, и "Это - грязное отверстие", и т.д.

Это корчится фелляцией юниора, говоря это "Аттсу".

Коричневый Виндзор показывают юниору двух человек это, показывая якудзе
часть. Человек установлен, говоря, что "Это является приятным", корчась. Один из
юниоры носят сейф после этого и это вставляет это назад в Тадано. "Аттсу,
Аттсу, Аттсу, и Аттсу" и Тадано дают голос, устанавливая.

Присоединение 4П начинается с якудзы. Тадано, который был только изменениями Yara радикально, этим
начинает наступление, якудза сделана ниже, и это начинает нарушать это. Власть
хорошее восклицание также Тадано в крике живота якудзы, "Аттсу, Аттсу, и
Ику", встряхивая талию постепенно.
Это, казалось, вставляло палку в Кецу, поворачивало три раза, и лаяло,
высказывание, что "Ван".

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【The origin of "Ahhh!"】

【The origin of "Ahhh!"】

Tadano and his juniors, who are doing members of soccer club, stroke gangster's car from behind.
Taliking like "Crawl on all fours," "Do you give me back my license if I do?", they became nude.
Picking anus, the gangster abused Tadano, "What a dirty ass hole!"
Fellated by his junior, Tadano "Ahhh ahhh!"
Showing his penis to the gangster, Tadano showed his anus to two juniors.

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【 ....Atsu.. drinking.. origin 】

【 ....Atsu.. drinking.. origin 】

Tadano to impersonate to the soccer member bump yakuza's car from behind.

To the stark-naked through the conversation such as "Become there are
four Ha" "The license can be returned".

Anal is abused by the finger, and "It is a dirty hole", etc.

It writhes by the fellation of the junior , saying that "Aaatsu".

Brown Windsor is shown to the junior of two people it while showing yakuza the
part. The man is erected , saying that "It is pleasant" while writhing. One of
the juniors wears a safe after this, and it inserts it back in Tadano. "Atsu,
Atsu, Atsu, and Atsu" and Tadano give the voice while erecting.

Joining 4P starts from yakuza. Tadano that was only Yara changes radically, it
launches an offensive, yakuza is done below, and it begins to violate it. Power
good ejaculation also of Tadano in yakuza's belly shouting, "Atsu, Atsu, and
Iku" while shaking waist little by little.
It seemed to insert the stick in Kets, to turn three times, and to have barked ,
saying that "One".

The above left ‥ Homo of yakuza post.
The above right ‥ TDN to Timpo and to be touched, and to writhe to collar and yakuza while making stomach muscles creaky.
The inside left ‥ TDN from which tongue is made to pick a quarrel to junior HTN, and nipple is fiddled. In addition, it is sucked by junior DB and super-Kimotiii TDN.
Inside..right..yakuza..dig..do..very..junior.Of course, TDN is an ecstasy.
The under ‥ It is threatened with the gun by DB, and it digs up the yakuza of the nonresistance, and TDN immediately before finish that power enters Kets. Junior HTN who does Caoi to yakuza.


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【… . Atsu飲用である、起源】

【… . Atsu飲用である、起源】



「カラーに修理されています。」「ボールボール叫び」、「犬」による「」 」 手を



のたうっている間、「それは快いです」と言って、男性は建設されます。 二世(HTN)はこの後コンドームをつけます、
それですが、」 タダノが声を与えるAtsu、Atsu、Atsu、およびAtsuは直後に建設をゆったり過ごします。

4Pを接合すると、やくざは始まります。 根本的にYara変化であるにすぎなかったタダノ、
それはそれに違反し始めます。 ウエストを少しずつ震動させています。
「Ig。 Igtsu。 Ig。 Atsu。 Atsu。 」 叫んでください。

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427 名前: 代打名無し@実況は実況板で [age] 投稿日:

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[イシダアッー!] の origin 】

[イシダアッー!] の origin 】

Mitsunari Ishida who played the part of the five magistrates in charge
of the administration of state affairs clashes with a military exploit group
"Where is Mitsunari?" I pass through the conversation that ran away to a mansion
of "" Ieyasu and am naked.
I resign as the five magistrates in charge of the administration of state affairs,
and return to Mt. Sawa, and it is picked own scolding and begins to think that "Ieyasu is hateful"
For tyranny of Ieyasu "アッーアッー!" I am in agony with "
I show two retainers a hole of buttocks while showing Yoshitsugu
Otani a part. "Time is now"! I erect male oneself in spite of
being "and agony. An island Court Security Office inserts a
condom in reckoning, Mitsunari after this from the rear.
"アッ, アッ, アッ, a!" "And Mitsunari raise a voice while erecting it.
The number of soldiers of Hideie Ukita increases, too, and 4P begins.
Mitsunari whom I was attacked by goes for a turn, an offensive and
begins to push the east armed forces. I am defeated for betrayal of
Kobayakawa, and it "is regrets アッー"! I cry with ", and it is an
artifact of a severed head like a brick in six lines of riverbanks.
I showed three times of referee's fans more and seem to have said
that plain hot water wanted to swallow it up

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[アッー!] の origin

[アッー!] の origin

Tadano which played the part of soccer collides a car of a yakuza from behind
"Get down on all fours" and I "have you return a license if you become
it sleep", and pass by equal の conversation and is naked.
It is picked an anus with a finger, and it is cursed with "messy holes"
Is a fellatio of a younger student; "アッーアッー!" I am in agony with "
I show two younger students a hole of buttocks while showing a yakuza
a part. It "is comfortable"! I erect male oneself in spite of being "and agony.
One of the younger students follows a condom after this and inserts it in Tadano
from the rear. "アッ, アッ, アッ, a!" "And Tadano achieve a voice while erecting it.
A yakuza increases, too, and 4P begins. Tadano which I had stolen goes for a turn,
an offensive and I do a yakuza below and begin to violate it. While gradually waving
a waist; "アッー, アッー, Iku!" I cry with ", and Tadano is ejaculated like a brick
by a stomach of a yakuza, too.
I inserted a stick in buttocks more and turned around three times and
seem to have barked with "one".

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