In late years many people work on work of the care.

The work of the care will be what kind of contents specifically.

In a word, the work of the care helps the life of the user.

Even if it is said that I help, you should not perform all of everyday life.

It is demanded from work of the care that I help the part that it is difficult to perform it alone without taking it over to the person being able to do it by own power.

You should not care to an unnecessary part even if you think about the person in question.

It is necessary to do the care in the range that a user finds on the work.

Doing anything of the care will come to work.

The care of the meal is one of the basic work.

There is the work to look at the state of assistance and the meal to the person who cannot eat alone.

The walk assistance is one of the work of the care, too.

I may push the wheelchair.

Of the care of the assistance of the excretion is done important work.

Watch; support of the restroom, おむつのつけはずしなどです.

There is the work called bathing assistance helping with the bathing.

I assist time and the change of clothes before sleeping which rose in the morning.

For the refreshment of rehabilitation and mind and body, I hold the recreation that the person needs.

The caregiver will be concerned with the mental problem of the person to be healthy, and to make the state that is easy to live.

I hear a story to cancel loneliness and perform that I encourage it to hear every worry and annoyance.

Besides, it is important for work of the care it is good, and to learn before working because there are various things.

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