Twelve Winter ski jumping team event three female K90-meter race, the individual event finals horse Tong, Li Xueyao play led the team easily won the cheap fitted hats in Changchun.


Women's K90 ski jumping team event only 3 m 3 teams participating, the city of Changchun, three players Ma Tong, Li Xueyao and Ji Cheng, Ma Tong is an individual champion, Li Xueyao an individual runner-up, personal discipline process is fourth race, one can imagine the advantages of Changchun City.


Tong Ma, respectively, two jump out of the 69.5 m and 77 m, of which the second jump of 77 meters has become the cheap snapback hats the best performance results, Ma Tong also received 135.5 points a game-high points; Lixue Yao got two jumps 118 points, Ji Cheng received 82 points; Changchun team to score 335.5 points championship in the bag easily.


Jilin led by Liu Qi, Liu Qi is the third individual event winner, Liu Qi game play is very stable, two-hop score is 70 meters, score 119.5 points, ranked second in all the players; Wang Meiting received 58.5 points, Dong Bing received 33 points, Jilin final total score of 211 points runner-up.


Compared with the two teams Changchun and Jilin, Tonghua City, the level is much worse, often Xin two month jump of 51 meters and 49 meters, the cheap snapbacks has not been divided, with posture points was 51.5 points; Wei Wei failed to meet the two-hop 45 m, has been 40.5 points; another player Chang Chiu not start. Tonghua City, the final total score of 92 points to take third.